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The Big Bang Theory: The Big Bran Hypothesis (US 2007)

The Big Bang Theory: Chaos-Theorie (DE 2009)
The Big Bang Theory: Season 1, Episode 2

Genre      Comedy
Regie    Mark Cendrowski ... 
Buch    Bill Prady ... Creator
Chuck Lorre ... Creator
David Goetsch ... 
Robert Cohen ... 
Darsteller    Jim Parsons ... Sheldon Cooper
Johnny Galecki ... Leonard Hofstadter
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13.12.2008 14:05 Uhr / Wertung: 9
Lois Lane is falling, accelerating at an initial rate of 32 feet per second per second... Superman swoops down to save her by reaching out two arms of steel... Miss Lane, who is now traveling at approximately 120 miles an hour, hits them and is immediately sliced into three equal pieces.
13.12.2008 01:16 Uhr
"...if you have time to lean, you have time to clean..."

2 Meinungen   [Ihre Meinung zu diesem Film]